Products designed and made in America by people who use them

Orbital Holding Systems was started by a carver and sculptor who needed a way to hold odd and asymmetric shapes.  RP Myers of McCleary, Washington did not want to drill holes in his work pieces or alter them in any way.  Yet he did want to hold them securely and safely and still be able to use power tools.  He searched online, by phone and in person for over four months to no avail.  RP decided he would have to invent something to do the job. 

Thus was born the original Bench Vise system.  Next came the Tilt-Top Portable with its integral vise.  After that was the Orbital Holding System - lightweight and easy to pack in a small tool box.  Then came the Orbital Easel line of work holding products for flatwork artists. 

The inventor of the Grip-All Jaws system and the Orbital Easel has retired and his partner carries on with the business. AlanHil Graphics is the manufacturer of products by Orbital Holding Systems. Same folks, just a different name. However, Orbital Holding Systems is still there and still works. We are them and they is us. And we pride ourselves on personal customer service.