What our customers say

Flatwork Artists 

Gary Greene - Colored pencil artist and author

Alyona Nickelsen - Colored Pencil Artist and Author

Sheila Waters - Master calligrapher, author, and teacher.

Bonnie Jenkins - Pencil and graphite artist.


Carvers and Sculptors

Rob Artman - Carver

Michael Keller - Carver

Rich Lewis - Antler carver

RP Myers - Carver and sculptor

Kathleen Robbins - Carver

Shawn Sipa - Carver

Lennie Williams - Master carver and carving teacher

Reynold Brix - Carver and carving instructor.

Gourd Artists

Stacy Annon

Myrna Grigsby

Carol Signore

Some we couldn't classify

AlanHil Guitars

Don Avery