A) Small Top Orbital Easel - Tripod or Desktop Base

A) Small Top Orbital Easel - Tripod or Desktop Base

  • $ 169.95


The Orbital Easel is an artist's work holding tool like no other. Your medium is fastened to the easel surface but is free to rotate, tilt and swivel to whatever position you need. This is the smaller size easel at 13" x 17" (large Easel shown).

The clamp slips into the base and will secure the base to a surface up to 2" thick. The Orbital Easel tilts from flat to just past 90 degrees and rotates 360 degrees to allow you to put your work in just the right position.

The base also attaches directly to a photo tripod for working en plein air. And the easel breaks down to fit in your art portfolio.

The Desktop base sits flat on your work surface without clamps. It is heavier and balances the Easel top.

The Orbital Easel is ideal for people with mobility limits or who have to sit in a special position due to muscular/skeletal or other issues.

The greatest new idea for artists since