About Us

Safety was the initial inspiration that spawned the Grip-All Jaws System. But its security and versatility have combined to make it an indispensable work holding tool. The Tilt-Top Portable System and the Orbital Holding System, allow your work to be positioned to wherever you want it. You don’t have to move to find a new working position to accommodate immoble work.

Artists with mobility issues love the Orbital Easel and Grip-All Jaws for allowing them to do things they couldn't do before.

The Grip-All Jaws System is a truly unique holding system and will do what no other holding system can do! As the company’s motto states: You create the masterpiece ~ we'll hold it for you.

We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and all of our products are made in the USA.

 707 W. 4th St. PO Box 2024 Aberdeen, Washington 98520    (360) 589-7473

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