Bonnie Jenkins

One of the reasons we developed the Orbital Easel is so artists would have an easier time adjusting their work to comfortable positions without having to move it on the easel. The Orbital Easel works so differently that we sometimes have to show people how to use it.

Colored Pencil Magazine gave one away at Christmas time to one of their subscribers and Bonnie won it. We always ask our customers for examples of their work. This is what Bonnie sent us:

It's graphite pencil on paper and she tells us that it's her granddaughter. We were captivated by such an alluring image of this beautiful little girl. And so was the Facebook universe. In a few short weeks it has been seen by more than 5,500 people! We have never had a response like that! And we're tickled that Bonnie is enjoying her easel.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful easel. It is just super and I love it!! For someone who suffers with back pain, this is the way to go. How wonderful it is to have my work closer and to be able to turn it as I’m working on it. You have created such a super product and I can not give you enough praise. 

Congratulations, Bonnie Jenkins of Ohio! It's an honor to share such fine work. Wow - just wow!