Reynold Brix

We are always really stoked when instructors use our stuff. Carving instructor Reynold Brix has inspired many of his students to become our customers.

Reynold Brix has been carving for more than 50 years and takes as inspiration none less than the great 17th century English master Grinling Gibbons.

Dividing his time between Minnesota, Arizona and California, Reynold has been teaching carving classes for about 10 years. His classes are usually between 10 and 20 people and usually based on what the students want to carve being fantasy dreamscape houses, flowers, or relief carvings. As this is written, Reynold recently taught an advanced class on how to carve a Trillium flower with eight students. He teaches about 4 classes a year.

For the last four years, on a local TV station in Yuma Arizona, he has also done seminars on tips and tricks of wood carving learned over the last 50 years. We don't get that program up here. I wish we did.

Often doing relief carving early on, Reynold is now doing mostly pierced carving. That’s carving where the design goes clear through the work and creates holes or negative spaces.  As Reynold puts it: “Pierced carving to me is a combination of relief carving and in the round carving on one piece. “

Most of the wood he uses is Cottonwood bark, basswood or butternut. Butternut is also called White Walnut and is getting hard to find anymore. 

 Reynold Brix doing a 3D carving. This is what the Orbital Holding System was meant to do.
















Now, this is the sort of thing we would expect to see from a carver who takes his inspiration from Grinling Gibbons! Beautiful work!. Thanks Reynold!