Rob Artman

Alright, we'll admit it. with a name like Artman we can't help but think of a muscular, broad-chested man in spandex and a cape who flies around the world smiting evil with the super power of his superior artistic ability. "Artman away!"

Comic books aside, Rob Artman is a slight, unassuming man. His gentle nature and skilled hands bring out some of the best in that rich natural canvas we call wood. He works mostly in Northwest woods and carves ornamental and ceremonial masks. Check out his work on his web site at Rob Artman Carving.

We met up with Rob recently at UCR Woods - who is also featured here by the way - as he was on the lookout for some nice material for a new project.

Rob works mostly with hand tools and although his tools are made of modern materials such as tool steel, a native carver from 500 years ago would be able to make masks and figures instantly using the same tools. Rob likes to work with adzes, straight and crooked knives and has many of them made for him. There is certainly a satisfaction and Zen-like peacefulness in working wood with fine, sharp hand tools.

We met up with Rob in the winter of 2010 and he talked about how much the Grip-All Jaws Tilt-Top Portable helped him. He can hold carving blanks securely and safely and use carving tools with a mallet or by hand. We continue to be amazed by the fantastic craftsmanship of our customers.