Sheila Waters

Mater calligrapher, author, and teacher

Sheila Waters is one of the premier calligraphers and instructors of calligraphy in the world. She saw the Orbital Easel at the International Calligraphy Show in Portland, Oregon. I didn't know who she was by sight but my wife spoke with her and showed her the Easel.

"Do you know who that is?", she said after she had left to go back to the classroom.

"No, who", I said.

"That's Sheila Waters!", she said as if talking about a rock star.

Sheila really is a rock star in the calligraphy world.

She was very impressed with how well it worked for her. Sheila does a lot of work in the round and she liked the control the Orbital Easel gave her. She bought one at the show and we shipped it home for her. Here is a detail of one of her stunning roundels.