A) Orbital Easel Canvas Model

  • $ 199.95


With this version of the Orbital Easel, your medium is held on the easel surface but is free to rotate, tilt and swivel to whatever position you need. This easel is 19 1/2" x 25". The Velcro strips are attached to the Easel and we provide enough dots of the opposite Velcro material to mount several pieces.

NOTE: The Canvas Model is only available in the large size.

With the Canvas Model you can work with framed canvas, canvas board, Masonite, glass, plywood, what ever hard or rigid medium you might have.

The Canvas Model is available with either the Tripod/ Clamp base or the Desktop base. The Tripod base can clamp to a surface up to 2" thick and the Desktop base sits on a flat surface without a clamp.

The Orbital Easel tilts from flat to just past 90 degrees and rotates 360 degrees to allow you to put your work in just the right position.

BTW, we know that in the picture, Alyona is using an Orbital Easel with 4 strips of material but we found that 3 is plenty. Some artists wanting to do a painting that is larger than the Easel surface will attach a larger piece of hardboard - Masonite, for example - to the Canvas Model. Voila, a large format Orbital Easel.